Andrew Mooers “Let the property do the selling, to shine and do it’s magic if promoted honestly but thoroughly leaving nothing left unreported.”Right on target – and – re-blog!
Time is money, folks are busy and the last thing a real estate agent or broker wants to cause is delay.
Of any kind in getting the needed information about a property listing for sale or just as important the local community surroundings wrapping around the real estate being peddled. So marketing, it starts with a strong million watt signal that has long reach with a healthy frequency.
It goes without saying that whatever is marketed on that powerful beam has something worthwhile gawking at, listening to so no time is wasted on the other end of the real estate signal.
Information delivery, just like pizza round the clock is critical to make the audience as large, wide and deep as possible.
Not just local but no boundaries, without limits to who you want to tag out in the wild blue yonder around the globe. Simple media streams of images of the local area can be the carrot to cause the shoe to drop.
To cause the spark that become a flame of desire. The next step of liking what they see for a new community. So logically leading to the selection of the best of the bunch of what is available to fit best their paricular real estate property needs.
It is more about matchmaking today and thorough details instead of arm twisting, salesmanship.
Let the property do the selling, to shine and do it’s magic if promoted honestly but thoroughly leaving nothing left unreported.
Start with the images around the property listings, showcase the local flavor that supports the pick me pick me real estate MLS carousel round robin.
So marketing, one site on the Internet found on page 88 is not going to cut it. All over the Internet with seeds to bring back the buyers to your home town beehive of information. Found on top of the pile of the cream of the crop, best of the bunchin the real estate rodeo.
Salt and peppered links, images, videos on the social media circuit.
Weeding, seeding, watering, culitvated  and fed love daily.
No hit or miss but made a priority.
Marketing what is for sale if the key.
Kept fresh, creative, made helpful and designed to quickly cause a simple real estate listing information transfer that is effective.
Of all the pertinent information that is critically needed by the real estate buyer with a clock ticking loudly. In their decision making in the eenie meenie miney moe.
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