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Month: November 2017

"Thank You" – Two of the Most Important Words in the English Language

Debe Maxwell, CRS “Keeping in touch is the best way to show your gratitude in our business. I believe that many buyers and sellers fall through the cracks after Closing because agents feel like the ‘job is done.’  Our client relationships, honestly, should NEVER end!”Right on target – and -re-blog! “Thank You” – Two of the Most Important Words in the English Language Remember the grandparent lessons, “Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you?’ Gosh, as far back as I can remember, those are some of the first ‘lessons’ I ever learned. That, along with ‘Don’t ever be afraid to say, I’m sorry,’ ‘Don’t...

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Olympic Athletes Vs Modern Sales Teams

On the 27th July 2012, the world will watch each of the 10,500 Olympic athletes represent their country in East London. Each athlete will stand at their peak, ready to perform against whatever comes between them and their gold medal. In the run up to probably the largest sporting event in the world (even the US takes this one seriously!) Athletes focus on their mental strength as well as their eating and sleeping patterns. Irrespective of their talent and determination, each athlete will have spent 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, numerous months a year (for many years previous!) Training their bodies and minds to be in peak condition, even if their surname is' Bolt '. They train consistently to develop and perfect their skills, work on their weaknesses, and maintain their phenomenal level of physical shape in order to achieve the performance of their lives, while the world watches. Tomorrowmore, each athlete will work day and night with their own coach, who will work alongside them developing their skills, pushing them harder, faster, further … in order for them to progress. They do this because they want to be the best. They do this because that's what it takes to compete with the best. In the battleground of today's business world, sales people are having to give the best performances of their lives to win business...

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Angle of View in Photography – The Intimate Landscape

When you are outdoors with your camera and looking for new subjects to photograph, try considering the intimate landscape . This is how some landscape photographers call landscape pictures where the horizon is not present. This is unfamiliar as a landscape photograph, because usually we include the horizon, be it the skyline of a mountain, a city or the sea. It does not have to be unnecessarily like that, however. Actually, it is much easier to be impressed by a great classical panorama than it is by an intimate landscape. A classic panorama is easy to be described. It is where we zoom out as much as possible with our camera, so to fit in the frame a large amount of objects. Mountains reflecting in lakes, distant sand dunes, a bell-tower on a hill are all examples of classical landscape photography. It is easy to realize when we are in presence of a beautiful landscape like that. I think the main reason for this is probably due to our angle of sight. Our eyes have more or less a 180 degrees angle of sight. So, it is natural for us to look at a grand view, encompassing all we see around. However, if you look more carefully, you will find that landscape photography and nature in particular have much more to offer. You should train yourself to limit your...

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The Note Is The Written Promise To Repay The Funds Borrowed

George Souto “So before a Borrower signs the Note, they need to be very sure it is a commitment they are willing to make, and not claim later they did not understand what they were signing, or worst claim they did not have an obligation to repay.”Right on target – and – re-blog! One of the most if not the most important documents a Borrower will sign at the Closing for their new home is the Note.  The reason why I feel the Note is the most important document a Borrower will sign at the Closing for their new home...

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Things to Do When You Travel to the Land Down Under

Surely, Australia is the smallest continent and can be described by many other superlatives. It is known as the flattest contributor as well as the driest occupied continent. To counter these implausible descriptions, this country and continent is the home of the world's largest coral reef, that is, the Great Barrier Reef. It is also where Mount Augustus can be found, which is known to be the world's largest monolith. Together with this country's rich history is their rich natural resources. When Australia is mentioned, we immediately think of cute marsupials such as koalas and kangaroos. But more than that, its alpine heaths, tropical rainforests, and marine life boast of a large biodiversity. In fact, it has the largest number of reptiles of any country, with 755 species. It is indeed a shame if you visit the country and not experience its natural wonders. Here are just a few of the things that you can do to experience Australia's mega biodiversity: 1. Be in the company of the ever lovable koalas. As a child, you certainly have a favorite teddy bear. You choose to keep it even though it is already old and dirty. Why not live again those sweet childhood memories by being in the company of live teddy bears, which are, the koalas. You can go to Kangaroo Island to meet these cute creatures. In this place,...

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