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Month: June 2017

Sex on an Adjustable Bed

Some disturbing observations plucked from the Internet to amuse, bemuse and confuse. According to a recent search on my part, I came across some interesting findings. The search was about adjustable beds and sex. Why, you may ask, am I looking up sex and adjustable beds? Because I can! Also, out of curiosity, I wanted to see for myself if sex in an adjustable bed is better, just as good, or worse than sex in a regular bed. To my surprise, there is practically nothing written about the subject. Could it be that sex and adjustable beds don’t mix…hardly… no pun intended. I only received about one million hits on Google for the combination of “adjustable bed+sex “. A Yahoo search returned even more flimsy results. Of the total hits, finding any information at all other than the odd promotional blurb from an anonymous manufacturer or two trumpeting a snippet of “better sex ” thrown in the middle of an ad. Here is an example of one very racy ad “It’s an investment in good sleep, good rest, and good health, and good sex! “. Hardly an endorsement you can take to the bank…or should I say, bedroom. Based on a worldwide population of billions and an Internet community of hundreds of millions, I must admit I was somewhat taken aback by such meager results. I was hoping to...

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A Rather Shady Affair

One of the most challenging tasks for any homeowner is finding those perfect plants for the shade garden or north side of the house. Whenever teaching home landscape design classes I am always bombarded with requests to suggest a few plants that are not only attractive but will flourish in shady areas and woodland sites. Here come those fabulous Brunnera to the rescue. They tend to form 12 inch to 18 inch high mounds that are 18 inches 24 inches wide with baby blue to lavender forget-me-not type flowers occurring in late spring to early summer and reflecting up to four weeks. They typically have heart shaped shaped leaves, some with yellow margins, some with silver spots and still others with silverfish overlays. They all have one thing in common, they are attractive not only when blooming but all season long. They are capable of making a statement as an accent plant or as a solid groundcover, and best of all they handle a lot of shade. I have grown them under our Jack Pines and along the north side of our foundation with equal success. Best of all the leaves hold well into the late fall. We have a Jack Frost Brunnera against our foundation that still exhibited gorgeous foliage two weeks after the leaves from the adjacent hostas had frozen back for the year. Brunnera tend to...

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The Standard for Lis Pendens or Pending Real Estate Litigation in Arizona

Often when filing a lawsuit for a specific performance for the sale of a home or other another real property contract, buyers will employ the customary legal tactic of contemporaneously recording a notice of lis pendens (lis pendens is Latin for “pending litigation”) with the County Recorder’s Office. The lis pendens places any other buyer on notice that the title to the property is involved in Arizona real estate litigation. Moreover, a lis pendens prevents any other buyer from acquiring any interest in the property greater than that of the original buyer. Additionally, as a practical matter, because title insurance companies will not insure title to a property against which a lis pendens is recorded, a property with a lis pendens cannot be sold. After a lis pendens is recorded, the first question a seller generally asks is “How soon can I remove the lis pendens against my property so that I can sell it to another buyer?” After informing the seller that pursuant to A.R.S. § 33-420(B) the seller is entitled to a prompt hearing on the validity of the lis pendens, the second question asked by the seller is “What must be proved at this hearing to invalidate the lis pendens?” The Arizona Court of Appeals in Evergreen West, Inc. v. Boyd, 167 Ariz. 614, 810 P.2d 612 (Ariz. Ct. App. 1991), established a “groundless” standard for...

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Asset Backed Securities Investing – Actually Looking At Your Investments

Here's a simple idea: When you invest you should probably actually look at what you're investing in. Strangely, some of the most sophisticated investors in the world have been violating this simple idea. Last month at the 2008 ASF conference in Las Vegas, I asked one of the Collateralized Debt Obligation ("CDO") investors who was on a discussion panel if he had any plans to change how he would go about analyzing the collateral under CDO's in the Future. In front of maybe 500 people, his answer was a surprising and somewhat defensive, "We have our procedures in place for selecting managers and those will not change." Umm. So hang on a second here. My jaw almost hit the floor. Let me get this straight. The CDO market itself is melting down right in front of our eyes and may even (especially in the area of ​​"ABS CDO's) vanish and go the way of the dinosaur. The contagion effect from sub-prime has infected all other areas of the CDO Market including those CDOs that have experienced no defaults whatever in their underlying collateral such as "Collateralized Loan Obligations" (also known as "CLO's") and this guy is telling me he is not going to change the way he operates. Bet that this guy is gonna vanish along with all of the CDO's out there that are imploding right now. Well...

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When Should I Offer More than the Asking Price

In shopping for homes to buy, buyers would normally look at the asking price of the seller. This helps them filter the homes they would visit. Doing so would also save them a lot of time from by avoiding homes that are way out of their budget.  After the buyer’s quick inspection, they would end up drawing an offer if the property is likeable. In the current real estate market, buyers would offer less than the asking price. And sometimes, sellers have no choice but to accept the offer. Everything in the current market status puts them in no position to sell properties at high price. If the play hardball, their properties may stay on the market for a long time. And this could have a negative impact on their home’s value.  However, there may be an instance that a buyer would be swayed to offer more than the asking price. It may sound crazy but if they have more money to spend, they can do it. And do believe that there are people who’s doing that. What makes them do this? Read the following sections.  Property offered is close to perfection  Homebuyers have different ideas on what a dream house should be. When they shop, they look for features of their dream homes before considering the property on the list as their prospect. However, there are some houses sold with features close...

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