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Month: March 2017

Phoenix Arizona Condos

Condos in Phoenix, Arizona are a popular choice right now in the world of real estate. From world class golf courses in your backyard to hiking trails and parks in your neighborhood, these condos have it all. Arizona has been the hot spot for real estate over the past few years. It’s no wonder though, with the way the communities are being planned. Condos in the valley are offering more than just a place to live. These condos are being built into neighborhoods and communities for families and active adults. Recreation facilities and amenities are being conveniently built right into the projects. From movie theaters, bowling alleys, sports fields and community pools to sky lounges and extravagant community clubhouses, there is something for everyone right outside the door. Condominium projects in Arizona are not just the average run-of-the-mill homes either. They are available in many different models, styles, sizes and price ranges. Even the lower priced condos do not suffer from a lack of quality or amenities. Top Arizona home builders are building a range of condos from homes suitable for small families to those wanting nothing but the best in luxury. Homes range from starter homes with 1-2 bedrooms to lavish 5-6 bedrooms with multi-car garages. Arizona condos and their communities are taking the real estate world by storm, not because of their prices, but because of the...

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Places to Visit in Lake Pleasant

Lake pleasant is located 30 miles north of metropolitan phoenix. This has become one of the most popular outdoor recreation spot in Arizona. It was constructed between 1926 and 1928 and was named as Waddell Dam, a 250 foot long structure which impounded water from the Agua Fria river system. The name lake was named after Carl Pleasant, the engineer who designed the dam. Waddell Dam was finished in November, 1992. Lake Pleasant got water from river and by Coles Creek, Castle Creek, Humbug Creek and other drainages. The new dam has tripled the size of Lake Pleasant, making it the second largest body of water in Central Arizona. It has become critically important for both recreation and irrigation. Lake comprises of three zones of water. Lake water is extremely clear and highly oxygenated. Lake pleasant is located 15 miles west of 1-17 on carefree Highway 30 miles north of Phoenix, within the city limits of Peoria. With 10,000 acres of clear water, visitors can enjoy water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, or fishing. The entrance to the park is located 2 miles north of State Route 75 Off castle Hot Springs Road. The following facilities that are available through main entrance are Desert Tortoise campground, group campground, RV Dump station, 10-lane boat ramp, roadrunner campground, picnic area and Visitor center. The second entrance to the park is located 3...

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Do I need to Stage in this Seller's Market? Staging in Burlington

Janice Ankrett “Make sure your home says I’m in good shape and a safe buy to the Buyer who may have to remove all conditions, like home inspection, to win that bidding war.”Right on target – and – re-blog! Right now we have what is called a Seller’s Market in Burlington. There are fewer homes on the market and lots of buyers. Prices are rising and buyers are competing for homes. This may lull Sellers into the old ‘I don’t need to do anything’ attitude. But that would be a mistake. No matter what type of market it is, Buyers...

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How To Invest In Raw Land

Raw land presents a huge investment potential. Raw land is basically a land that is undeveloped. You buy it as it is. You will need to make several modifications to be able to use it for any developmental activity. Raw land serves many uses. It can bought for capital appreciation sake. You will not do anything on it. You will leave it as it is expecting land use in area to be in demand and then you sell for profit. You can buy the land and later plant on it. You can create plantations or vineyards out of it. Still more you can have a timber property. Many will also buy the ranch and develop into a ranch or a recreational facility like a gold course or equestrian. Raw link like any other business will require a careful analysis. Though you would find raw land a viable investment alternative, it is essential that you apply a lot of prudence in getting the right asset. First the location of the land counts a lot. Many investors see Arizona as one area that will give their investments into raw land the much needed returns. Many reason account for this. Arizona is one state that is preferred by many holiday makers. It affords them the opportunity to experience the west. It is a state marked by water bodies, warm weather and lots...

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Is Real Estate a Good Investment?

Most business minded people like to choose those investments that would not only provide them income but also security. Businessmen want to invest money for a longer period of time so they invest their money in real estate. They can invest their money in other areas like banks, stock market, business ventures, real estate and other financial companies. Real investors may cost the investors a lot of money in the beginning but it can promise a higher return in the future. Real estate can be purchased also from taking a loan from the bank on an installment basis. In such a case, investor will only make down payment and the remaining amount will be paid on a monthly basis. This kind of investment has the capacity to increase its appraised value up to 10% every year depending on the location and the development of a given investment.Real estate investment is more of a long term investment. It may not be huge gains over the short run, but in long run it is a great investment. A big reason for investing in real estate is long term appreciation. Some properties may require renovation, repair which can be resolved. Certain warehouses have started turning towards large apartment buildings etc and sold either as apartment buildings. There are many reasons for investing in real estate like it is considered as a high-risk...

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