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Month: February 2017

Buying Property From Owners With Delinquent Taxes – How to Get it For $ 200 Or Less

If you've already figured out that investing at tax sale is a losing proposition, you're a step ahead of the crowd. Competition, not being able to inspect property, the hefty investment upfront and the inevitable disappointment of having the taxes redeemed all make tax sale investing a bad way to get tax property. Buying property from owners with delinquent taxes, on the other hand, is a cash cow. Here's how to get it for $ 200 or less, in 3 simple steps. 1. Wait until about 9 months after tax sale to contact the owners. At this time, you can check to see who still has not redeemed. These folks are not going to be able to in time, and they must sell. Desperate sellers are what you want. Also, by now any straggling mortgage companies will have redeemed. Thus most of these properties will also be free and clear. 2. See what the owner's plan is . If they've decided to move on, great. Offer them some money for their time signing over their deed – tell them you want to see if you can do something with it before tax sale. This is one big way to get deeds for $ 200 or less … find owners that no longer care. If they still want to sell, offer them $ 200 for their deed, and negotiate a...

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Who May We Help Next With A Purchase Of A Gated Golf Course Home?

We helped our Buyers purchase this gem of a home!Located in the gated golf course Community of Blackstone at Vistancia, Peoria Arizona. This TW Lewis home boasts many upgrades and 12 foot ceilings! Large wrought iron portico opens up to a courtyard with a fireplace. Great Room layout with fireplace, media niche and stone work. Wet bar with wine cabinets built-in to the wall next to the kitchen. Huge kitchen island, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Breakfast nook with coffered ceilings looks out to the courtyard. Every bedroom has its own bathroom. Open den with bay windows face...

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Is A Direct Email Campaign For You?

In order to determine the effectiveness of any campaign, it is crucial that its elements are broken down and be correctly understood. First is a need for a list of email addresses. There are myriad number of means of list building. They can however, be categorized into the fast and easy way and the more targeted manner. One fast and easier way is through the use of electronic mail extraction computer softwares that harvest electronic mail addresses from internet sites visited like forums interested in the merchandise you have to offer. Another is through purchasing from email list vendors. Established firms are skeptical on going the simple way of list building. A large portion of those land in spam folders and filtered by email service providers. Building up a list is no simple chore. It is not difficult to get lost and not find what you want in the vast field of the World Wide Web. It needs time in implementing the steps essential to let people know of your existence. Generally, it is best to let prospective customers to your internet site register by entering in certain personal data which includes e-mail addresses. Opt email lists are built when internet site visitors give permission for webmasters or publishers to include them in their list. Depending on the site's TOS, becoming part of the list also means agreeing to...

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10 Worst Blogging Bloopers – Finally 6 – 10!!!

Kathy Goldman “Typos, misspelled words, run-on sentences, punctuation…They may not see like much to you, but if you have a client who is looking for a professional, they are expecting your work to be professional as well and that includes reviewing your work once, twice.”Right on target – and – re-blog! Let’s continue, shall we? A week or so ago, I share with you the first 5 Blogging Bloopers and  had said I would post 6-10 the next day. Well life has it’s way of making it’s way into business! LOL. Anyway here is what I promised and a link...

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What To Expect From Repo House Sales

It is a given that repo house sales are awash with properties buyers can acquire at a significant discount. Prices can go down to less than half of actual market value as lenders try to sell these homes as soon as possible. Here, however, are some of the simple things people should take note of before buying repossessed homes in such sales. Expect stiff competition from other buyers The drop down prices of real estate properties in repo house sales are sure to lure other people looking for cheap homes. As such, those interested in participating in them should do their homework in order for them to post competitive bids. For example, assets in prime commercial locations are ideal target for those looking to make a profit in the real estate business and are willing to offer a lower price since they can recoup this anyway in the future. Expect homes to come in any condition Not all homes in repo house sales are in tip top condition. Since most of these homes have had previous owners living in them, they may come with some significant wear and tear. This is important because they were likely to have been delinquent in paying their mortgage dues, which resulted in the foreclosure of their properties in the first place, thus may have also been amiss in maintaining these homes. From a...

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